According to FiveThirtyEight, the chance of Trump winning is slightly less than that of rolling a six with one die. That is too high. Vote.


With eight Justices, the people’s will is a landslide. With nine, one party will do their best to crush that will. Get your vote counted.


Nine Justices sacred? We started with six. Then seven, nine, ten, seven, nine. Had Hillary won, the GOP said they would have stuck with eight.


The Roman numeral for ten is X, which consists of two V’s. Each V represents a hand (five fingers). The point? I dunno, just vote.


We have remained a capitalist nation through fourteen Democratic Presidents. Every election cycle, the GOP tells us the next one will plunge us into socialism.

Sixteen (Oops) and Fifteen

Sorry about that – got a little sidetracked.


Sixteen ounces in a pound. One hundred twelve pounds in a hundredweight. Three countries in the world still adhere to this nonsense. Guess who’s one.


Fifteen is the atomic number for phosphorus, which is essential to life on Earth. Therefore, losing your phosphates would be phosphatal. I’m here all week.


Seventeen total
That’s how many syllables
In any haiku

Thus it’s difficult
To jam pack twenty five words
In any haiku

Or even in two