Mark Your Calendars

With the Safe Harbor deadline now in the rear view mirror, and a bunch of red states now suing a bunch of blue states, I thought it would be worthwhile to list important remaining events on the calendar as they pertain to this whacky (and still getting whackier by the minute) election cycle. So, here ya go:

Dec 11: Supreme Court Issues One Sentence Denial to Texas Suit
Dec 14: Electoral College Vote
Dec 16: Every State Sues Every Other State
Dec 17: Supreme Court Issues Response with Nothing but a Facepalm Meme
Dec 20: Trump Sues the United States
Dec 23: Electoral Votes to Congress
Dec 31: Trump Sues the World
Jan 6: Congress Counts Electoral Votes
Jan 8: Trump Sues the United Federation of Planets
Jan 20: Biden Sworn In
Jan 25: Trump Sues the High Council of the Multiverse
Feb 4: Trump Sues God
Feb 11: God Denies Injunction
Feb 12: Trump Tweets God is Corrupt
Feb 15: President’s Day

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